Staffing Solutions

Our Approach

At DecisionPathHR our team of seasoned industry experts delivers what our technology alone cannot– customized full-service staffing solutions based on face-to-face contacts, in-depth interviews, site visits and the relationships we build with our clients.

Unlike most staffing companies today, our customized recruiting programs feature experienced local staff. These skilled human resource professionals provide the advanced screening and on-boarding processes that can make the difference between a great fit and an adequate one; between retention and rapid turnover.


At DecisionPathHR, whether you need a dozen data entry people for a six-month assignment or a vice president of sales for direct hire, our processes can ensure your satisfaction. Our placements and services include:





Why should my company choose DecisionPathHR

At DecisionPathHR, we handle everything from recruiting candidates and selecting resumes, to researching industry trends and providing analysis for your company. To learn more about the scope of our services, contact your local DecisionPathHR office.

What is the process for finding employees through DecisionPathHR?

Based on the job details and the Employee Value Proposition provided to us from your company, we will utilize a wide range of tools to find the best match for every position. We use top jobseeker platforms, in house hiring events, and our own specialized job board to generate a pool of skilled and reliable candidates.

What types of background checks do you perform?

For every candidate, we check work history, a drug screen, and full criminal background report. We only provide candidates who meet your company’s specific criteria.

What types of positions do you fill?

Light industrial, Clerical, Professional, and Executive Search.