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Tips to Properly Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

Every year during the last full week of April the United States celebrates a group of people who may not always get the appreciation they deserve. We are, of course, talking about administrative professionals. Whether they be secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, or other admin support professionals we should take this time to show our gratitude and let them know just how important they are (make sure to remember your payroll support!). Now that you know when and who to celebrate, the question becomes how.
Here are DecisionPathHR®’s 5 best suggestions on how to celebrate so you don’t miss out on the opportunity this year!

DPHR's Five Ways to Celebrate

1. Flowers

Not only are they one of the most classic “thank you” gifts you can give, but flowers also spruce up the desk, smell good, and are the ultimate walk-by conversation piece. And when the recipient inevitable gets asked “Who gave you those flowers? They’re so pretty!” You’ll want to be there when they proudly answer with; “They’re from the company, thanking me for everything I do around here!”

2. Cards

Hallmark makes cards for everything, and Administrative Professionals Week is no different. Stop by the store, grab a nice card, make sure to write a personalized message in it(!) and cap it off with a gift card. This gesture is both personal and serves as a reminder that you really do appreciate the admin professional in your life.

3. Invite them out to lunch

Another no-brainer. There is not a single person who would turn down a lunch out during the work day and the hard-working administrators you know are no exception. What makes this an especially good idea is that it will not only be a nice gesture, it will help you out as well. It gives you a chance to get to know the person you are taking out a little better and that will make for a stronger connection going forward.

4. Gift Baskets

If you want to really stand out, a nice gift basket is the way to go because it can include so many gifts in one. Make sure it looks so nice they won’t want to open it, but when they do they see just how much you appreciate them with treats, cards, gift cards, or anything else you think the administrative professional in your life would enjoy!

5. A half (or full!) day off

Now this is the ultimate thank you for anyone in the work force. Telling them you appreciate what they do so much every other day of the year that they can take this one off is a grand gesture that will certainly be appreciated. Watch out, though, once they are out of the office and you notice how much they do you will understand just how much more you should be thanking them for the rest of the year!

If you’re looking for the right time this week to celebrate with any of these ideas, might we suggest singling out Wednesday, April 24th? As the official “Administrative Professionals Day,” it is the perfect time to surprise the administrators in your life with a gesture they will remember for a long time!

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